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Essential Vacation To-Do List, One Month Before Departure

Updated: Nov 4, 2019

A checklist helping you set yourself and family up for a smooth departure + stress-free travels.

Pinterest photo for essential vacation to-do list one month before departure

Our family is addicted to lists - we’ve found that the formation of a good one frees our minds from trying to remember uninspiring, yet essential, travel to-dos so we can focus on soaking in the goodness of positive anticipation and the actual trip.

Having these lists ensures you don’t spend sleepless nights trying to figure out what essential items you’ve forgotten to pack, and helps you make sure things like work, home and pets are good to go before departure.

This list is focused on tasks that are important to look into about a month before departure. After you check off the to-dos in this one, take at look at these other lists you might find helpful...

When you’re about a month from departure, dive into the following preparatory details of your adventure.

* Click here for a printable checklist.

Book transportation

White van in front of snowy mountain reminding people to book transportation before a trip

If you haven’t already, book your transport to and from the airport, or any other routes you haven’t already procured transportation services for.

Ensure your travel documents are in order

Suitcase, maps, camera, passport and money for organized travel

While you hopefully took care of passport and driver’s license renewals, visa or international driver's license procurement, vaccinations and any other document-related requirements for your destination a few months ago, this is a good time to confirm all your docu-ducks are in order, and organize them in a waterproof folder. We also recommend making a photocopy of these documents.

Print maps

Printed maps in case you don't have internet or cell service on a vacation

If you'll be driving in a destination where you won't have cell service, print or purchase maps of the areas you'll be navigating. Next, store them in the above-mentioned waterproof folder.

Polish your itinerary

Laptop, map and notebooks used to create a travel itinerary

Review your itinerary to make sure it's filled with activities that are still exciting and doable for your family. For support crafting the ideal itinerary for your family, click here. Then...

Ensure all your activities are booked

Man kayaking on lake at sunrise during a family trip

If some of the "maybe" activities on your itinerary have reached "we definitely want to do that" status, book your spots for the desired day and time, if a reservation is required. And to avoid future hiccups, print the confirmations for all activities.

Create a preliminary list of restaurants or markets you’ll want to try

Tomatoes and corn at a farmer's market

You might have taken care of food ideas when you crafted your itinerary, but if not, research eateries or markets you'll want to try. This forethought can seriously simplify "where do we want to eat?" conversations.

Look into childcare options, if applicable

Children playing soccer during a family vacation

If you’ll be on a cruise, or a ski or resort vacation, there will likely be childcare options. If this is something you’ll require, look into whether you need to reserve a spot for the littles ahead of time. For those trave