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Ultimate Guide for Preparing Your House Before Travel (Printable Checklist Included!)

Updated: Oct 29, 2019

Essential tasks to ensure your house stays secure + clean during your travels.

It sometimes feels like our house waits for us to go out of town to spring a leak, allow a tree branch to fall through a patio roof, or admit an infestation of ants into the kitchen. Jerk. While it’s impossible to 100% safeguard your house before departure, we've crafted a list of numerous tasks you can check off to evade expensive disasters.

From discouraging burglars and preventing an overflowing mailbox, to making sure you don’t return to a foul smelling house and avoiding unnecessarily high electricity bills, we’ve got you covered. And because every house is different, consider the unique needs of your home and add customized to-dos to the list.

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* Click here for printable checklist.

· Put a few lights on a timer, or leave two lamps and a porch light on, minimizing the chance of a break in.

· Ensure all windows and doors are locked. Lock pet doors if they won’t be home.

· Close all blinds.

· Bring hidden keys inside.

· Put out ample food and water for animals who will be on their own.

· Turn off water if you don’t need it for an automatic sprinkler system.

· Turn off gas.

· Turn thermostat to 85 during warmer months, and 55 in colder months.

· Make sure all burners and stove is off.

· Run garbage disposal, and run and empty dishwasher.

· Take out trash and recycling. Put out bins if there will be a pick up while you’re gone.

· Unplug appliances that won’t need power while you’re away.

· Clean out the fridge and throw out any pantry food that will get moldy in your absence. Make sure the fridge and freezer doors are sealed.

· Pour a cup of bleach in toilet bowls to prevent scum build up.

· Leave out cinnamon sticks, or other aromatic products, to ensure your home smells fresh when you return.

· Water plants.

· Make sure smoke detectors aren’t low on batteries.

· Wash sheets and soiled clothes.

· Ensure the washer and dryer are free of clothes.

· Put a hold on mail and newspapers if you’ll be gone more than a few days.

· Put a hold on services, such as cleaning and lawn, that you don’t want while you’re gone.

· Pay all bills that will come due while you’re away.

· Lock valuables in fire proof safe.

· Don’t tell social media when you’ll be out of town.

· If you have an alarm system, let the company know you’ll be out of town.

· If you have a pool, make sure the pump is running.

* Click here for printable checklist.

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Join our travel tribe + receive your

Ultimate Guide to Planning a

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